Travel Time Application

Travel Time Application

Create your own Travel Time Maps

Select your start point (postcode or town), your journey time, and your mode of transport - then click the ‘Generate Travel Times’ button. Driving, walking, train or tube ... you choose; we create your Travel Time area and display it on screen.

Create Travel Time Maps

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Extract postcodes from your Travel Time map.

Download post code data within Travel Time Map

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Get lists of the ‘full postcodes’ reached (e.g. GU2 7YG) and the travel time to each. Uncover the percentage of each postcode sector (e.g. GU2 7) and district (e.g. GU2) reached. Match this to widely available postcode-based demographic information; or to target direct mailings with precision.

Analyse your own data by Travel Time.

Upload your own data to Travel Time and instantly rank, sort and display it by journey time. Whether analysing sales prospects; or poster sites by retail catchment area; or commuting changes for the staff of a firm that is relocating, Travel Time makes intelligent analysis easy. See Case Histories

Upload data in a Travel Time Map

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Print Travel Time Maps

Download post code data within Travel Time Map

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Get lists of the ‘full postcodes’ reached (e.g. GU2 7YG) and the travel time to each. Uncover the percentage of each postcode sector (e.g. GU2 7) and district (e.g. GU2) reached. Match this to widely available postcode-based demographic information; or to target direct mailings with precision.

Do I need any technical knowledge or training to start using the Travel Time Application?

No – not if we’ve done our job right! If you can type in your start point; move a slider to the time you want; select a mode of transport from 3 options offers; and click the ‘Generate Travel Times’ button... then you can start using Travel Time.

What type of licence is available?

We offer a ‘single user’ licence. It is issued on the basis that the licensed user keeps the log-in details secure and doesn’t share them. If your organisation wants multiple licences, please contact us.

What does the Travel Time Application cost?

The ‘Trial’ version of the Travel Time Application is free (it simply requires registration).

Travel Time Pro is costed on a per client basis. This provides two additional features. 1) ‘Post code extraction’ (list all the post codes within your Travel Time map); and 2) ‘Analyse your own data’ enables you to upload and interrogate your own data.

You can choose whether to buy a ‘Pro’ licence for a single period (at the end of which your access to the Travel Time Application will cease), or to renew your licence automatically at the end of the purchased period (we’ll send you an email alert before renewing your licence).

What is a csv file and why do you use it?

CSV stands for Comma Separated Values; it is a file that stores tabular data (numbers and text) in plain-text form (no formatting). It is very useful for moving tabular data between different proprietary programs (like excel). The data you want to analyse by Travel Time may well currently be in excel - you can save this as a CSV file for uploading to the Travel Time Application [save as / other formats / csv (comma delimited)]. Excel will also open the CSV postcode file we send you, which you can then save as an excel file if you wish [save as / excel].

What geographic areas are available?

Great Britain (i.e. England, Wales and Scotland). Adding more countries is on our job list – so if there’s one in particular you want, please let us know (there’s a link to our contact form at the foot of every page).

What modes of transport are covered?

Driving, walking, and train + walking (i.e. walking to and from the station). Train includes underground.

Does Travel Time take account of different times of day?

We use average travel times at the moment. Adding commuting times is another thing on our job list.

How do you calculate driving times?

We use different speeds for different categories of road (Motorway / A road etc).

If I need to cancel, can I get a refund for any unused period?

We’ll immediately stop any automatic renewal of the licence, but we can’t offer a refund for any unused period of the existing licence.

Are my contact details secure?

Yes. Our privacy policy is , but in essence what it says is that we treat your private data as we would want our own treated. We won’t disclose it unless we are legally obliged to do so – nor will we sell or licence it.

Is it safe to upload my data to the Travel Time Application?

Yes – your security is important to us. That’s one reason that we’re hosted by one of the largest and most secure organisations on the web who are trusted daily by hundreds of thousands of companies.

Bristol & Bath Science Park

Bristol and Bath Science Park

Companies considering relocating to the Park need to quantify the commuting impact on their staff, and BBSP want to assist. With the Travel Time Application BBSP can rapidly calculate each employee’s current commuting time and compare this to commuting to BBSP (highlighting the optimum route for each employee). As a result, BBSP can now address the concerns of prospective tenants with accurate, quantifiable, and personally relevant information.

Bonnie Dean - CEO Bristol Bath Science Park

Travel Time analysis of change in staff commutes allowed us to persuade occupier the actual impact on staff was much less significant than they thought. Travel Time has been significant asset in our discussions with this occupier

Bonnie Dean. Chief Executive Bristol and Bath Science Park

The Problem

BBSP is a 59 acre state-of-the-art science park lying north east of Bristol. It opened in September 2011 after a £300m investment and was immediately talking to high profile science and technology firms about moving in. A key question those firms faced was the potential impact on staff retention, and the daily commute for each employee was a large part of the answer. BBSP wanted to help quantify this – and it was a particularly pressing issue for one specific high tech firm, some of whose staff had ‘irreplaceably‘ specialist skills and experience. Relocating to BBSP entailed moving the office by 30 miles.

Did Travel Time Help?

The Travel Time Application helped immensely. The file containing the home postcode of all employees was uploaded and by basing the analysis on the firm’s present location the current journey time for each employee was recorded. The location was then changed to BBSP, the analysis repeated and the two analyses amalgamated to show the change in travel time. As a result, BBSP were able to tell this firm that:

  • 51% of employees would have a faster commute despite the 30 mile relocation
  • On average, the commute for all 300+ employees increased by just 3 minutes
  • 75% of the employees with ‘irreplaceable’ skills would have faster commutes
  • Nearly all employees with longer journeys lived in 3 clusters, so BBSP and the firm could consider providing a dedicated coach with Wi-Fi facilities and work stations (their commute could be part of the working day).
  • An optimum commute to BBSP for each employee was plotted – helping the firm show they were considering each employee when deciding where to relocate the firm.

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